Welcome to Sports & Remedial Massage in Bristol

Welcome to the home for Sports and Remedial Massage in North Bristol. My mission is to help you keep doing the things you want to do by using soft tissue techniques to relieve pain, promote relaxation and  restore movement.

Whether you are a top class athlete competing in events, a call centre worker in a frantic office, a stressed executive working long hours or a busy Mum juggling the demands of running a home and looking after children, massage can help to reduce stress and tension in the body and leave you feeling more at ease.

When all your muscles are working correctly (i.e. they know when they’re supposed to work, and they do), life’s a dream, your body is taking care of itself. Unfortunately there are times when we overload our bodies through work or play and aches, pains or injuries can follow.

Whether it’s running marathons, playing golf, walking the dog or simply sitting in the car or at your desk more comfortably, massage can help restore and maintain full function to muscles and other soft tissues (tendons and ligaments) allowing the body to work as it should enabling you to keep doing what you want to do.

Kate Stuart, Sports Massage, Bristol.

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